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Heat seal and flow wrap wrap packing lines

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Designed specifically for the post tray seal or flow wrap packing process.

Brillopak P160 Unipicker and the Z140 provide fast, accurate but gentle packing of products into trays or cases. Using high-speed robotics, its handling of individual trays is so efficient that pre-collation is unnecessary. By picking single products the system offers complete flexibility in selection of number of packs per layer, the arrangement of packs in each layer and the ability to pack lipped boxes. This flexibility of operation means the machine can be used for multiple applications over its lifetime.


  • Fast:  Up to 180 packs per minute dependent on Sku
  • Flexible: Multiple products, multiple tray patterns.
  • Consistency of operation. Use of vision technologies to identify specific gravity location of each product means products can arrive into the system in an inconsistent format without causing stops.
  • Delicate handling: Due to single pick, products are placed into position individually rather than dropped into place with no damage to product.
  • Simple to operate, manage and maintain.
  • Simplified infeed with no complex collation requirement.
  • Manual pack option: Optional module to run manually for out of spec. product.
  • Easy to programme new patterns in-house.

The P160 is deisgned for speeds from 80 - 150 packs per minute and the Z140 is designed for speeds of up to 70 packs a minute

Used in conjunction with the bale arm closer and the C211 Compact palletiser, complete and reliable  end of line automation is now possible

Recommended Machines

Ideal for soft fruit, top fruit and meat products

Container Type:

Punnets and trays

Punnet placement automation, improving manual packing line efficiency, packing line automation and palletising automation.

Additional Machines:

Stretch wrapper to wrap the pallet in clingfilm post palletising

Metal detector to identify foreign objects in products or packs

Checkweighers to ensure correct weight of pack and loaded tray

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