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Tray Stackers and De-stackers

Automatic stacking and de-stacking of trays onto manual and automatic packing lines

High specification machines to dispense or stack crates and trays in a production or warehouse environment.

The C250 is a crate de-stacker, the C255 is a crate stacker.

Manufactured in stainless steel dependent on application these machines are compatible with most known variants of the standard 600mm x 400mm and 300mm x 400mm retail crates including different heights. Both models are available in single, double or triple stack units for different speed requirements. The system is designed to work in conjunction with the C150/155 Bale arm opening and closing systems to ensure that the bale arms are in correct position prior to de-stacking or palletizing.

Can be installed as part of an integrated crate handling line for applications such as crate wash lines.


  • Reduced labour cost in preparing crates pre/post production line
  • Consistent throughput speed increases overall packing efficiency
  • Reduced health and safety risk through repetitive handling of crates
  • Fast. stack/destack at up to 40 crates per minute.
  • Flexible. Handles most crate sizes without need for any tooling change
  • Heavy Duty. Robust construction for 24/7 usage and reliability

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