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Floorstanding Pallet Dispenser

Pallet dispenser with multiple safety features

The Brillopak BK750 Heavy duty pallet dispenser, simple to operate, adjustable for multiple sizes, electric only operation and CAT 4 light guards or safety gates. Additional safety control and sensors for maximum pallet height and pallets low.

The safest pallet dispenser on the market.


  • Rock solid build quality for any environment
  • Adjustable for different pallet sizes 800mm x 800mm to 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Stack and destack
  • Electric only operation. No risk of danger through failure of air supply
  • Simple touchscreen operation
  • 1” chain supports vertical movement
  • Minimal maintenance requirement

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Alternative Machines

Robotic palletiser boosts bagging line productivity

A new turnkey robotic palletising line from Brillopak looks set to yield a return on investment within less than 18 months of installation by doubling throughput at Muntons’ Stowmarket malted ingredients factory.