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Wood, Concrete and Metal Panel Palletising and De-palletising

We have considerable experience in building machines to de-palletise wooden, concrete aand aluminium panels from stacks on pallets and then palletise products onto pallets. We are able to palletise metal panels up to 4m x 2m in size and also handle a multiplicity of different product and pallet sizes automatically.

All systems are simple to operate by unskilled staff.

Depalletise panels from a pallet and place onto a conveyor line

Palletise panels up to 50kg

Pallet types:
All wood and plastic pallet sizes.

Palletising automation. De-palletising automation

Ideal for individual sheets and packs of flat material

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Robotic palletiser boosts bagging line productivity

A new turnkey robotic palletising line from Brillopak looks set to yield a return on investment within less than 18 months of installation by doubling throughput at Muntons’ Stowmarket malted ingredients factory.